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Monthly Nonprofit Accounting Guide

Released January 2020

A Proven Month-by-Month guide for maintaining confident accounting practices.  This is a 1-page document

Nonprofit Accounting Policy Workbook

Released December 2019

Kickstarter Template to Create 21 CustomAccounting Policies for your Nonprofit Organization - Starter Edition

Monthly Nonprofit Accounting Checklist

Released January 2020

A Proven Month-by-Month checklist for maintaining confident accounting practices.  This is a 1-page document

Complimentary eBook

"Intentional Nonprofit Accounting Master Guide"

This 40-page e-book will help guide your accounting practices so you may reach your financial goals with peace of mind and ultimate confidence!

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General Finance


Twelve Golden Rules of Nonprofit Finance 

Propel Nonprofits

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Nonprofit Overhead Project


Posted via Blog - Apr 2019


Understanding Reserves

Propel Nonprofits


Guide Charitable Contributions

Internal Revenue Service

Posted via Blog - Jan 2019


Policies/Internal Controls


Internal Controls Checklist


Accounting Procedures Manual Template

Blue Avocado

Posted via Blog - Dec 2019

Maximizing Internal Controls in your Nonprofit:

A Guide for Even the Most Pure"  (Video)

Fiscal Management Associates

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Creating Nonprofit Policies



Month End Closing Checklist


Posted via Blog - Feb 2019


Tax-Related (990)


Using the 990 to Tell Your Story (Video)


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10 Things to Consider Before Filing Your Organization's Next Form 990 

Marcum Accountants - Advisors

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The Boards Role in Reviewing Form 990 - A Checklist


Posted via Blog - May 2019


Your IRS Form 990 Questions Answered

Blue Avocado  

Posted via Blog - Mar 2019



National Council of Nonprofits



American Institute of CPA’s



Propel Nonprofits




Nonprofit Overhead Project

The Wallace Foundation

Resources for Nonprofit Financial Management

Nonprofit Accounting Academy

Financial Management Blog/Resources

Nonprofit Audits


10 Steps to a Successful Audit 

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants  

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Nonprofit Auditor Selection Guide

Fiscal Management Associates 

Posted via Facebook, June 2019 & Audit Video


Do I Want or Need a Financial Statement Audit? 

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 

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Evaluations (Finance-Related)


Nonprofit Financial Infrastructure Self-Assessment

Fiscal Management Associates

Nonprofit Accounting Self-Evaluation 

Nonprofit Accounting Bliss

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