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Putting the "Bliss" in Accounting

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Welcome to Nonprofit Accounting Bliss and Thank You for stopping by! On this site, I will be helping nonprofits alleviate stress, overwhelm and frustration concerning their nonprofit accounting flow. My mission is:

“To empower and transform small nonprofit organizations with intentional, accurate and simplified accounting practices."

Let’s briefly explore more about Nonprofit Accounting Bliss by answering the 5 W’s….

Who: This site is designed for three types of nonprofits:

1.) Aspiring Nonprofits - You have a created great mission to serve the community, but haven’t fully established your nonprofit nor received your tax exemption status (501c3)

2.) Emerging Nonprofits - Your organization is in the first year and still navigating the world nonprofits

3.) "5-3-1’s" - These nonprofits are up to 5 YEARS in existence, up to 3 EMPLOYEES, and up to 1 MILLION dollars in annual revenue

What: Nonprofit Accounting Bliss provides resources, insights, and coaching for nonprofit staff and consultants to help track, maintain and accurately report the financial operations of their organization.

When: Nonprofit accounting information and resources are provided throughout the year based on my customized month-by-month accounting calendar.

Where: The services and products are provided virtually using a diverse suite of delivery available for you in the comfort of your office, your home or on your travel excursions. The primary modalities I use are this Website, Facebook, YouTube, and Email.

I also incorporate step-by-step accounting training and coaching using Zoom, Skype, TeamViewer and more!

Why: The “Why” of Nonprofit Accounting Bliss stems from several years of nonprofit experience that led me to develop effective accounting processes for small nonprofit organizations. My ultimate “Why” is to assist with the implementation and maintenance of simplified accounting systems that result in accurate financial reporting to help organizations successfully achieve their mission with excellence. Are you ready to join me on this journey of Nonprofit Accounting Bliss? Feel free to sign up for updates and I’ll keep you in the loop with monthly themes as we embark on a successful accounting adventure.

Cheers to an Amazing Year of Accounting!!!


On a Personal Note...

I strongly believe that numbers are AMAZING! If there’s one thing that lights up my world in addition to my children, (yes, I’m the mama with the tribe of 10 blessings), it’s ALL THINGS NUMBERS!

Obviously, financial accounting stretches far beyond the numbers. It’s a language of it’s own that can transport a person into the deeper level of business operations. For many, this language is misunderstood and often confused with dreadful memories of challenging math assignments back in the good ole’ school days..But don’t panic! As you really explore this amazing world of numbers with a qualified professional (Hi, Like Me!), it can transform your mindset from dreadful task to an invigorating adventure. This exploration is even kicked up a notch when you throw budgeting and financial tracking in the mix!

For those that aren’t fond of adventuring outdoors, perhaps you can consider accounting a form of art which invites you to go into the mode of an artist by painting a detailed “portrait” of nonprofit finances through accounting reports. How fun is that?!

Now, I’m curious...Do you want to know the REAL costs for a particular program? Do you regularly track your IN-KIND donations? Are you comparing and analyzing your BUDGET to actual transactions? Can you accurately report your bank BALANCE to include outstanding transactions? Do you allocate a portion of PAYROLL to each program in your organization?​

Well, if any of this resonates with your nonprofit accounting needs, then LET’S TALK NUMBERS!

Feel free to check out these Intro Videos for more:

PART 1 (Run Time - 1:16)

PART 2 (Run Time - 2:33)

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