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Mixing Zeal with a S.M.A.R.T. Fundraising Plan

5 Simple Questions Before You Fundraise

“Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan” - Napoleon Hill

This quote really applies to our theme this month to Solidify Your Year-End Fundraising Plan. I have worked with and heard of many nonprofits that have an amazing vision and passion. They tend to use their zeal and go full steam ahead into a concept to raise funds, yet they often find themselves coming up short after the fundraising event or campaign is over :(

This failure can be attributed to many factors, but the top reason for failure is Poor Planning! Before you move forward with your fundraising plan, I’d like you to consider 5 basic questions:

1. What is motivating you to launch this fundraising campaign?

  • Visibility for your organization

  • Large donations

  • Creating opportunities to build relationships for future donations

2. What is your organizations capacity to commit to the event or campaign?

  • Which team members will be involved?

  • What aspect of the fundraising will they manage?

  • How much time can each person commit?

3. What are your specific goals for the number of participants and revenue generated? Develop two sets of goals

  1. Conservative - For example, 15 people raising a minimum of $100 each = $1,500

  2. Ambitious - For example, 40 people raising a minimum of $250 each = $10,000

4. What is your timeline and milestones you want to achieve?

Develop a Fundraising Calendar and Set timeframes to track your progress

5. Are there Board Members, Volunteers or Other Partners that can help make your event or campaign a success?

  • Can others help promote your fundraising on their social media channels?

  • Will they reach out to their network of friends and family to share why your cause is meaningful to them?

Be Clear, Be Bold and BE Intentional about your fundraising endeavors. Take time to make and work your plan so your Fundraising efforts can be a Success!

Lastly, if you’re stuck on fundraising ideas or want something fresh to consider, you can check out this video by Whole Whale, “48 Fundraising Ideas in Under 8 Minutes” (it definitely had me thinking out of the box!)

P/S Giving Tuesday this year is on December 3, 2019. This is a popular fundraising option and it’s not too early to begin implementing a plan :)

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